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Forward - Together

24 July 2015
Founder, Arun Teelock graduates from Westminister University in London with a double bachelors degree in Business Management & Finance and Financial Services.
August 2016
Struggling to find a proper office job in London that aligns with his values Arun moves back to Mauritius to help his father run his Architectural practice, Teelock Associates.

In the meantime he dedicates his free time to searching for possible ways to chase his dream of being an Entrepreneur.
17th April 2017
IMPETUS DIGITAL is Incorporated 🚀
Arun finally takes his leap of faith by founding
Impetus Digital Ltd without any borrowed capital
(3 days before his 24th Birthday).  

Without even a working phone or laptop he began plotting and planning how to build one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in the world from ground zero.

Focusing on how to keep overheads as lean as possible so that his clients would be provided with the most value possible.

Ultimately leading to a higher Return On Investment that other Agencies cannot compete with.

The name "Impetus Digital Ltd" is born.

Impetus - Latin Origins


something that makes a process or activity happen or happen more quickly.plural noun: impetuses"the ending of the Cold War gave new impetus to idealism"

28 May 2017
Impetus Digital gets it's 1st client!

A then complete stranger Ashley Jeeawon walks into Teelock Associates looking for an Architect.

Upon some small talk he shares his own dreams and plans of starting his own Creative Design Agency.

Ashley shares over a decade of agency experience as they collaborate and launch their first website together.

As a thank you to each other they agree to print double sided business cards for Impetus Digital with both of their businesses on.

Encapsulating their shared ideals of out of the box thinking and moving “Forwards - Together”

Impetus Digitals Slogan is born…Arun uses a portion of the money to finally buy himself a mobile phone.

"Working with Arun on the creation of was truly a seamless and collaborative experience. His expertise in web design combined with my design knowledge resulted in a website that truly showcases my extensive portfolio in the most impactful way possible. Over the years, has proven to be a valuable asset in helping me stand out among my competition and highlight the caliber of clients I work with. I am truly grateful for Arun's hard work and dedication to making my website a success."

Ashley Jeeawon, Founder and CEO of Pink Advertising Ltd

February 2018
With a mere 4 websites under its Portfolio and Management Sportfisher trusts Impetus Digital to collaborate and build a fresh website (and our first e-commerce site) for their prestigious domain

The website goes live and pays for itself within 3 weeks with new private charters requests and customer orders.

June 2018
Impetus Digital creates their second e-commerce website the oldest hand-made model boat manufacturer in Mauritius.
July 2018
Extremely happy with their results Sportfisher invites Arun as part of the crew to the legendary fishing destination and Wildlife Sanctuary of St Brandon.

Arun Documents these with his second ever camera a 360 Go Pro Fusion and his mobile phone.

Using over a decade of customer donated footage Arun weaves his own shots from their 10 day expedition into one of Impetus Digital first ever Video Productions “Once in a lifetime Trip to St Brandon” among with 3 other immersive 360 Virtual Reality Videos.
November 2018
Impetus Digital uses its savings to purchases its first pieces of hardware to pursue its new videography services.

Dji Mavic 2 Pro and MacBook Pro

17th April 2019
Impetus Digital celebrates its second birthday with a total of 8 websites and two social media clients under its portfolio and management.
November 2019
Impetus Digital Signs its first International company.

Afrasia Bank becomes a client for 360 videos for the only
tri-sanctioned golf tournament in the world the Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open.

Afrasia Bank proceeds to hire Impetus Digital for videography services of the next two annual Afrasia Bank Opens.

June 2019
Impetus Digital pitches to Porsche Mauritius to create localised content and 360 Images and videos.

The proposal is rejected for now.
May 2019
Revival Customs & Classics signs to Impetus Digital for Web Development, Social Media Management and Videography Production

Happy with the results its CEO Paul Wren agrees to a lead generation campaign for Classic Vintage Cars.

Impetus Digital has helped us target multiple audiences relevant to our services  and culture.

Our focus on driving sales with high quality prospects over likes and comments has given us an edge in making sure each penny of our marketing budget is spent efficiently

Paul Wren, Founder and CEO of Revival Customs & Classics

June 2019
Impetus Digital signs and creates to guide and communicate their extensive list of car customisations and tuning options that made them the best in the industry

Impetus Digital has helped us design and develop a website that reflects our utmost attention to details that we have become known for in the automotive industry.

Our website allows potential customers to view our extensive portfolio of products and services making it an essential touchpoint for new customers.

Warren LS, Head of business development at Details. by Signature

November 2019
Impetus Digital Pitches Lead Generation Campaign to Porsche Mauritius with complimentary videography and content production.

Over 846 Leads Generated (High Net worth Individuals) additional commission on closed sales agreed.

Partnership between the most prestigious real estate address in Mauritius Mont Choisy Smart City and Porsche Mauritius negotiated by Impetus Digital for the Porsche Taycan.

December 2019
Rs1,000,000 Total Managed Ad spend🚀
Impetus Digital hits milestone of managing a total of Rs1,000,000 online across a variety of Industries across its portfolio.

February 2020
Porsche Mauritius General Manager witnesses a sale converted by our campaign in person and suggests lead generation campaigns across the rest of ABC companies including the internationally recognised car brands; Nissan, Alfa Romeo and Infiniti.
June 2020
Porsche Worldwide’s Marketing Agency Keko use the same lead generation strategy as our local campaign format for obligatory worldwide campaign to improve sales following economic collapse of Covid-19
April 2020
All 15 of Impetus Digitals Websites fall victim to the increase in cyber security attacks during the Pandemic.

Impetus Digital supports its clients by offering complimentary virus removal that it pays for despite the financial impact on its revenue.

It also provides a year of delay on all monthly management fees to ease the financial burden of its clients.
June 2021
Previous Head of Marketing for the Mont Choisy Group Axelle Mazery joins VLH (Now Rogers Hospitality Group).

Impetus Digital is commissioned to shoot over 20 videos for its Sustainability charter.

Shooting begins despite on-going pandemic and local lockdown.

Our Sustainability Programme was launched in August 21, where we collaborated with Impetus Digital to create all our videos as well as strategic content.

We had the immense pleasure of collaborating with the Impetus Team which proved their strategic thinking, creativity and flexibility in the creation of all our rich media.

Arun understood so well our needs and ambition.

It has been a pleasure collaborating with him and his team; his flexibility, creativity and genuine collaboration made everything feel so simple.

Axelle Mazery, Chief Communications Officer of Rogers Hospitality

August 2021
Impetus Digital Hires its first two full-time staff in order to cater to its rapidly expanding portfolio of clients.
January 2022
Impetus Digital signs its first British client sustainable travel company. It tours the best and most sustainable hotels in Mauritius, following the press trip in a back to back 7 day shoot across the island.
September 2022
Impetus Digital Test Drives its latest service of Virtual Assistants able to provide a low cost alternative to digital skills such as - Graphic Design
- Web Development
- Social media Management
- Post Production (Videography)
29th February 2022
Impetus Digital revamps its agency website to better showcase our latest work and digital capabilities.
Impetus Digital strives to bring passion, trust and mutual growth to each of its valued clients.

Managing a portfolio of 18 websites, 10 social media clients, 4 virtual assistant teams and various on going videography and photography content production projects.

Managing and guiding brands and businesses across multiple industries and countries.

You've heard our story, now its time for the world to hear yours.