Our typical website on-boarding process:

Discovery Session

Researching the clients industry and market, gathering all relevant information and content.

Design Session

Creating a proposal with the initial design elements and roadmap for the project.

Once agreed a deposit of 50% is expected before development begins.


Developing the final product outlined and agreed in the design proposal.


Final browser and device testing, mail setup and last minute changes.

Final Handover upon payment of remaining 50% of fees.

Our Numbers

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Daily Website Backups

Why You Need a Performance Based Digital Marketing Agency

Before the Age of Information businesses relied on Traditional Marketing methods and channels.

Using Traditional Marketing was and still is a guessing game, where the success of companies marketing efforts relied on the expertise of its Management.

With the revolution of computers and technology we are able to gather data and track customers through metrics such as Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Retention. This focus on data allows smart decisions to be made to make sure that all of your marketing budget is having a direct impact on your companies bottom line.

When I first started Impetus Digital I wanted my clients to know that I would make their best interests my number one priority.

By aligning my clients interests with my Agencies we are able to reach a higher level of trust and service satisfaction with clients.
Our data and results show clear ROI (Return On Investment) from using our services.
In turn increasing our chance of getting referrals and adding to our brands goodwill.

Technology is an industry which is rapidly changing, it is very easy to get confused with complicated language and words such as SEO, PPC etc. While most companies use these terms to confuse the client and create a facade of being an expert. While it might work in the short-term for winning bids and work it is hurting their companies brand in the long-term.

Understanding the LTV (Life-Time Value) of a customer is critical for marketing. It is the same reason why big brands like Starbucks confidently spend over $1000 to create a new loyal customer. They have done their research and know that their money is being spent well.

By branding ourselves as a performance marketing company we allow ourselves to compete in a market of our own.
Differentiating ourselves from other digital marketing companies that are fighting for a share of the market.
In the world of Digital Marketing this is very important as the barriers to entry are very small.
While most companies compete on price, we compete on value. 

This is called a ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ and is just one of the ways we like to market our clients products to give them a competitive edge.

Using these strategies allow us to spend a minimal of time in our own marketing.
Giving us more time to create value and results for the clients who have chosen us to be their Digital Partners.

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