Our typical website on-boarding process:

Discovery Session

Researching the clients industry and market, gathering all relevant information and content.

Design Session

Creating a proposal with the initial design elements and roadmap for the project.

Once agreed a deposit of 50% is expected before development begins.


Developing the final product outlined and agreed in the design proposal.


Final browser and device testing, mail setup and last minute changes.

Final Handover upon payment of remaining 50% of fees.

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Investing In a Website 2017

Cheap Affordable Growth is a big statement.
Let me break it down for you and show you why we are the strategical digital partner you need.

As always value upfront for free with no commitments necessary.

This is our attempt at showing why we are different from our competition.

Every business relies on making sales, in order to make sales people need to be aware of your products and services.

Marketing has always relied on the law of averages.
Meaning that if 100,000 people pass by your advert, 10,000 will read it, 1,000 will remember it and 100 will purchase your actual product.

Influencers and marketing companies often cite data and statistics such as their visitors, subscribers, pedestrian traffic , email numbers etc which gives you some information on the possible reach of a potential advert with them.

However with modern technology the world of advertising is getting much more competitive, companies no longer want people to just see their add. They want them to read, engage and interact with their marketing efforts. Focusing their hard earned money on their true target audience rather than people who have no interest in them.

While I am not saying that traditional marketing is dead it is hard to trace the source of your sales and figure out exactly what contributed to a final sale.

However 2017 brings a new age to data-driven decision making. If a website is properly set up data can be collected that tell you the exact source of your traffic. This is a powerful tool as it removes the guessing game of traditional advertising and allows you to focus your marketing budget on your specific target customer.

By honing in on your target audience you can create value that turns them into loyal fans who will be brand ambassadors for your company spreading your products and services through the original viral trend – word of mouth.

By setting up and monitoring your channels correctly with analytics you can track each individual marketing channel allowing you to reduce your spend on channels that are not paying off and doubling down your spend on those that are.
Driving real affordable growth, and reducing your cost of customer acquisition.

Investing In your Digital Real-Estate:

When discussing options with my clients they often have a set idea of why they need a website and think that it is only an additional module to their business and they are often apprehensive to the actual value it will add.

To explain how important a good website is I explain how a good website is like a machine that will constantly add value and generate sales 24/7 once set up.

A website should be more than just an information hub, it should be a well optimised sales funnel that turns search engine results and paid traffic into actual results and sales. Below are just a few of the ways a good website is critical to the success of your business both now and moving forward in the future.

Content Management System:
Steve Jobs believed that by providing people with a computer they would increase their potential and productivity.

A good CMS does the exact same thing arming any employee (with your permission) with the tools and power to post professional articles, news & updates, images, products and even customer support!

User-Interface Design:
In business you are only as strong as your weakest link, while customer service is one of the most complained about areas in Mauritius a professional UI Design can make sure that every visitor is given a flawless pitch of your products and services 100% of the time without fail.

User-Experience Design:
With companies constantly fighting over attention in their industry crafting an emotional response that relates with your companies branding and communication strategy allows your customers to connect a strong feeling towards your company.

This is achieved by removing obstacles from visitors interacting and doing business with you.

Content Rich Media:
Creating content which adds value and is visually appealing makes visitors believe that you understand them and creates a personal connection increasing their likelihood of visiting and doing business with you again.

Search Engine Optimisation: 
The most commonly ignored part of web development, Search Engine Optimisation is what turns beautiful, informative websites into sales machines.

Ranking above competitors in search results for keywords have a huge impact on your business. With a single rank above competitors leading up to twice as much search traffic. With mobiles and internet data becoming much more accessible these simple things can often sway the decision making process of customers who are becoming ever more aware of where they spend their money.

By focusing on performance and results we are happy to say we are the only digital agency in Mauritius which aligns our best interests with yours. Driving cheap affordable growth to your company.

If you wish to get value for money or establish a long lasting relationship with us please comment below or find our email on the bar to the left.

The first 5 companies to get in touch will get a free site audit accompanied by a tailored digital marketing strategy outlining their current opportunities in their respective industries.

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