Our typical website on-boarding process:

Discovery Session

Researching the clients industry and market, gathering all relevant information and content.

Design Session

Creating a proposal with the initial design elements and roadmap for the project.

Once agreed a deposit of 50% is expected before development begins.


Developing the final product outlined and agreed in the design proposal.


Final browser and device testing, mail setup and last minute changes.

Final Handover upon payment of remaining 50% of fees.

Our Numbers

Security Checks Per Month
Fictitious Coffees Consumed
Resolved Support Tickets
Daily Website Backups

Free Guide Growth Hacking in Mauritius

Industries we work in: Motorbikes, Cars, Boats, Tourism, Hospitality & Restaurants.

Feel free to ask me for my advice for your industry, no strings attached!

Just Make sure to Download the Free Growth Hacking PDF Guide here.
to save me some time. No data collection just a free guide full of as much value as I could pack into it!

For All My Lead Generation Ads we automate it with Google Sheets and Facebook Leads via an amazingly simple service.


“Content is king, but distribution is queen and we all know who really runs the castle”



Im Arun Teelock

Why is my insight valuable?

I’ve spent 3 years building a one man agency with 0 capital investment.

(I didnt even have a laptop when I started)

Slowly first building websites I quickly grew a reputation based on the results for those who had the pleasure of working with us.

Today through a lot of hardwork I have built 17 websites, created thousands of pieces of content, hundreds of videos and most importantly managed over 10k USD adspend across my clients portfolio.

I have real practical experience of building systems and digital infrastructure on a shoestring budget, giving my clients the clients the best value for money possible.

Over time as I’ve grown my competitive edge Ive been able to rebrand and focus on high ticket products and services.

Why am I writing a guide?

Staying true to what has made me successful so far I want to share my best tips that will help anyone regardless of experience to level up online.

So far I have been lucky to work with some international brands among my portfolio. Learning along the way from those Ive had the pleasure of working with.

But its not easy and you learn more from your failures than your success. So here I plan to guide you to avoid the pitfalls I learned from and

make the most of the opportunity of marketing online.


-Practical Experience from building sites, content and running ads.

-10k USD Social Media Ad spend Experience.

-Avoid my mistakes and learn from my tips & tricks.

Most Valuable Digital Skills:

Understanding how important each skill is will allow you to focus on what skills to invest time in and how to build an agency (or freelance in a way) that is aligned with your strengths.

  • Strong Sales & People Skills
  • Front-End Web Design
  • Strategy/Paid Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation

My Decisions:
They say when you are young you need to try a lot of things.

I originally wanted to build a big company and decided I need to know the details if ever I was going to manage a team.

As I’ve grown I’ve decided to trust technology over people.

Management is a real skill but ultimately takes away from the freedom which I enjoyed so much and initially drew me towards digital.

While I am still undecided about where my future will take me I am happy knowing my skills of sales and marketing will be easily transferable into any industry.

Digital Versus Traditional

Understanding the difference between the two is how you make sure that you are using Digital Marketing to the maximum capabilities that are available to you


Very Cheap Cost to CREATE CONTENT

-Almost Infinite Detailed Targeting Options

-Details Analytics and tracking

-Ability to create meaningful two way interactions with your audience.

-Minimal Turn Around Time (Agile).

-Allows for hyper-personalisation.

Ads are useful vs spam.

-Can be tested and scaled easily

– New Leads are able to easily move through your sales funnel with minimal reaction required. (Proactive and runs 24/7)


Very Expensive Cost to CREATE CONTENT

-Limited Broad Targeting

-Almost Impossible to Measure

-Almost no communication or chance for feedback, unless surveys are carried out.

-Requires heavy advanced planning (Rigid).

-Ads are usually quite general as they are broad and must appeal to the masses.

-Cannot be tested or scaled easily

– New Leads have to overcome several layers of friction, like visiting a website, looking for more info, calling etc.

(Reactive and works best during working hours.)

My Golden Rules for

Social Media Marketing
with a minimum budget As a Growth Hacker

  • Spend the majority of your budget on ads rather than creative (1:9)
  • Always create ads with a clear Purpose & Call To Action
  • Never copy – always be inspired and improve
  • NEVER Waste ad spend without A/B Testing
  • Listen to your audience & Interact with them
  • Do not chase vanity metrics

Social Media: Call To Actions:

My Best Performing CTA’s/sales funnels in Mauritius

(Depends on Business)

1.Lead Generation Forms: Very Customizable, ability to collect customer info legally as well as;

redirect to website/Call Now/Download Brochure

2. Carousels: Allow a great mix of photos and videos and much more interactive than normal content types.

3. Send Message: Build Automated Message Sequences into your ads to answer FAQ’s systematically.

3. Call Now: For Businesses which benefit from quick communication.

4. Whatsapp Messages: Just as good as call now but encourages users by making the communication free.

(not always a good thing)

NEVER PROMOTE A WEBSITE LINK via social media: This is extremely expensive and has a bad UX. Use Google Ads.

More info about my experience growth hacking
in the full guide available here.

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