Our typical website on-boarding process:

Discovery Session

Researching the clients industry and market, gathering all relevant information and content.

Design Session

Creating a proposal with the initial design elements and roadmap for the project.

Once agreed a deposit of 50% is expected before development begins.


Developing the final product outlined and agreed in the design proposal.


Final browser and device testing, mail setup and last minute changes.

Final Handover upon payment of remaining 50% of fees.

Our Numbers

Security Checks Per Month
Fictitious Coffees Consumed
Resolved Support Tickets
Daily Website Backups

App Development

Understanding the different ways an app can help your business and how to design an interface that will drive engagement are some of the biggest problems companies struggle with.

Develop the front-end app with us and benefit from our network of back-end developers ranging from India to America.

Truly Innovative

Developing an app for your business or brand will allow you to create a unique experiences for your customers focusing on how they enjoy interacting with your company and facilitating the process.

Provide Value

Having an app is a great way to reward those who will go the extra mile for you.
This can be done through loyalty programmes, behind the scenes footage and more! The only limits are your imagination!

Audience Insights

Collect and harness data to get a deeper insight into your customers demographics and determine the most – and least profitable user segments. Insights provided by this data can be used to enhance the product/service.

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