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Discovery Session

Researching the clients industry and market, gathering all relevant information and content.

Design Session

Creating a proposal with the initial design elements and roadmap for the project.

Once agreed a deposit of 50% is expected before development begins.


Developing the final product outlined and agreed in the design proposal.


Final browser and device testing, mail setup and last minute changes.

Final Handover upon payment of remaining 50% of fees.

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A Guide To Influencer Marketing in Mauritius By Dylen Citta

Hi Everyone,

I had the great pleasure of inviting my first guest to my daily vlog challenge and couldn’t have chosen a better guest.

Dylen is a committed member of the Facebook Group
Digital Marketing Mauritius and always gives and shares a lot of value within the community.

I’ve known him for a few years and while we never had the pleasure of working together professionally he is someone who I have a lot of respect for in both his work ethics and selfless drive to help people.

Unfortunately due to Mauritius being very small a lot of people in our community tend to be very secretive about their success.

Dylen and I share a very common view that Digital is in such a high demand that we can afford to sacrifice a little to grow the community as a whole as we have a lot to do in order to catch up with the rest of the world.

We hope that this Guide is useful to you.

Download the Full Guide Here.

Catch the whole interview on my IGTV Here.

Personally on my side I really hate influencer marketing, especially in Mauritius. I believe ads are much more powerful and simpler to setup.

Just imagine all the resources needed to collaborate and coordinate an influencer campaign with so many people…

In my discussion with Dylen on IGTV we have a great healthy constructive conversation learning from Dylen about his experiences with Influencers and Content Creators.

He definitely gave me some food for thought, perhaps one day we will be lucky enough to work together on a project where we can put together our skills to make a leaner, simplified campaign which uses the best of both worlds while keeping costs low?

Only time will tell, but Thank You Dylen for being so generous and sharing this content with us all.

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