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Final browser and device testing, mail setup and last minute changes.

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5 Best Free Tools For Freelancers

Freelancing can be very demanding but thanks to advances in technology we are constantly being given better and faster tools to add to our tool belt. However with all these options available to us and marketing companies adopting affiliate schemes it becomes quite difficult to figure out what is really worth our time and money.

Here are my personal 5 favourite tools for freelancers that I wish someone had told me when I started out. 
I hope you find them useful and share them with a freelancer you know.
While these tools are not only limited to freelancers they were essential to hacking my personal growth and I hope you find them useful.

1) Video Conferencing:

1 click video conferencing and screen sharing.

Good UX (user experience) design is all about removing the boundaries and making it clean and simple to do business. achieves this by letting anyone create their own unique URL’s that they can share and send to clients or prospective leads . This allows freelancers to look professional and jump into calls with clients in what looks like a private room without having to share contact details, login to their account and add their contact, wait for them to accept and finally press call.

The only drawback to this website is having to install a free browser extension to screen share.

2) Proposal Tracking:

Free Templates, opening tracking and analytics.

While this is a paid service the free trial of 14-days is more than enough to accelerate your learning and understand the crucial elements of creating a killer proposal. With a library full of templates for all kinds of businesses and proposals you will quickly find that one to customise that looks professional. Combine this with your custom link and you have a sales funnel worthy of your time and personal branding with even the free version trial including digital signing.

Features a free app to track your metrics on the go with notifications.

3) Time & Task Management:

Free up your mind and increase productivity.

Used by companies such as Google, Pixar, Paypal and Adobe Trello is a powerful Task Management tool which allows you to track your tasks, progress and time spent on work. The features from this free software are incredible allowing you to connect with team members and clients alike focusing on ease of access and transparency with a few clicks allowing you as a freelancer to keep up to date with your client and team minimising interruptions and allowing you to write down ideas before you forget them.

4) Accounting:

Scan Reciepts. Automate your accounting and expense tracking.

With email and chat support the free plans only downside is limiting yourself to 10 receipt scans a month through their app which is more than enough for a budding freelancer. It is compatible with major accounting software such as Quickbooks, Oracle and Sage. Used by companies such as Uber, Fujitsu and Thomson Reuters their plans are feature rich and scalable for a mere $5 a month it will save you precious time and worry.

5) Images:

A large library of professional photos for free.

Unsplash is a library of professionally shot photos that have been donated by photographers. From beautiful scenery to busy city streets unsplash is one of the ultimate resources for engaging photos to accompany your copy or generally create more engaging content.


Forward Together:

I love freelancers, there is nothing more powerful to me than the confidence of freelancers that say this is me and this is what I do.
I am always looking to increase my network, so that if my clients need certain services I don’t offer I can refer them to someone who can provide services I can vouch for. Making me look good and helping out a friend.

Please get in touch if you are a freelancer and let me use my digital knowledge to help you brainstorm solutions to your current problems and bottle-necks.

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